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System Announcements

  • Security Advisory - Malicious OneClass Google Chrome Extension (Wednesday, December 14, 2016)

    If you receive an email to visit OneClass or install a Google Chrome Extension from OneClass, please do not click any of those links.
    It is a known phishing scam. It may send email on your behalf and may attempt to collect your username and password.
    Google has removed it from their Extension website. However, you may want to verify it is not already installed.
    If you use Google Chrome web browser, to verify what Extensions are installed, click the three dots near the top right, click More tools, and click Extensions.
    If OneClass is listed then click the Trash Can icon next to it to remove it.

  • Change Password May Be Needed For Some Students (Wednesday, December 14, 2016)

    For Santa Ana College (SAC):
    For Santiago Canyon College (SCC):
    Students who changed their password after 11/15/2015 will not need to update their password.
    If you did not change your password between 11/16/2015 and 01/30/2016, your password has been reset to your date of birth in the Mmmddyyyy format with the first letter of the month capitalized (e.g. if your birthday is November 15, 2015, the default password would be Nov152015).
    Also, if you recently registered for a Spring 2017 Intersession class or Spring 2017 class then it may take up to 8 hours before your account is added to Blackboard.
    Students may begin to see their courses in Blackboard typically at the start of the semester when instructors make their courses available to students.
    Some instructors do not use Blackboard in their course. Please contact your instructor if you have questions. Instructor contacts can be found through WebAdvisor.

  • Web Browser Compatibility (Wednesday, December 14, 2016)

    The default web browser, Microsoft Edge, that comes with Windows 10 while supported is NOT recommended for use with Blackboard.
    We still recommend Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome especially for timed tests.  You can download Mozilla Firefox here:
    For more information on browser support and a browser checker:

District Mission: The mission of the Rancho Santiago Community College District is to provide quality educational programs and services that address the needs of our diverse students and communities.

By logging onto the Rancho Santiago Community College District Blackboard system with a username and password, I affirm that I am the student who enrolled in this course. Furthermore, I affirm that I understand and agree to follow the regulations/policies regarding academic integrity and the use of student data as described in the Student Code of Conduct that governs student rights and responsibilites. Failure to abide by the regulations/polices may result in disciplinary action up to expulsion from my college.